Award Winning Players

Recognized by the Northern Virginia Hall of Fame for a great season


This past year, Tyler played a variety of positions - to include RB, LB, CB, KR, and more - for BRYC's 100lb American team. As the team's starting running back, Tyler had six games where he rushed for over 100 yards. In the team's final game, Tyler had 182 yards rushing on 23 carries (with over a dozen broken tackles), as well as throwing a 30yd touchdown pass.

In youth football, most running backs depend purely on speed - focusing on getting to the edge and outrunning everyone. However, it’s the inside the tackles running that makes Tyler so special - despite being one of the lightest players, he runs through tackles and never stops his feet. What makes him truly different at this age, is his vision - Tyler can dissect defenses on the fly, carving his way with a balance of patience and burst. This allowed Tyler to be successful against even the best opponents.

One of the best parts about Tyler was that he entered every practice and game without ego or agenda. He came ready to work hard every day, never got frustrated with teammates, and believed in the coaching game plans. Overall, Tyler made youth football enjoyable for all those around him (players and parents) - every game was competitive and action packed because he was making plays.

While this is an individual award, Tyler would also like to congratulate his fellow 100lb teammates - football is the ultimate team sport and his teammates demonstrated tremendous effort and ferocity to open up holes. Congratulations again to Tyler Cabrera on a tremendous year and we know you have more special football moments in your future!